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Tweetop Press Tee 25x25x25mm 06013009

(Code: 06013009)
Tweetop Press Tee 25x25x25mm 06013009
£ 6.60
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  1. Description of Tweetop Press Tee 25x25x25mm 06013009:

    This product is the Tweetop Press Tee 25x25x25mm 06013009. The item is part of Tweetop manufacturers range of internal water and heating systems.

    The press tee is used for directional change on a pipe run and can connect pipes of different diameters. The pipe is pressed into the fitting profile in the connection area, with the use of a pressing tool with U-Type jaws. Two O-rings are integrated into the join area to ensure that the connection chamber is guaranteed. Tweetop fittings are resistant to corrosion, produced from pressed type CW617N which is resistant to dezincifaction.

  2. Features of Tweetop Press Tee 25x25x25mm 06013009:

    ✔ Allows for directional change
    ✔ Easy Fitting
    ✔ Versatile
    ✔ Durable

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