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Waste Maid Glisten Disposer Care DC

(Code: DC)
Waste Maid
£ 7.00
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  1. Description of the Waste Maid Glisten Disposer Care DC

    Give your hard working disposer the clean it deserves with this disposer care. The disposer is a safe and effective solution backed by scientific design, to clean and deodorise the inside of your disposer.

    If your disposer is not taken care of, it oftens leads to a terrible odour in both your disposer and the sink too. The disposer care is here to eradicate this and wash away any foul smells and scents, giving your disposer a new lease of life! This product is easy to use and can be used for all disposers.

  2. Features of the Waste Maid Glisten Disposer Care DC

    ✔ The worlds number 1 disposer cleaner
    ✔ Foams away grunge
    ✔ Bleach alternative
    ✔ Safe for all disposers
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