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Waste Maid Mr. Scrappy Disposer Brush DB

(Code: DB)
Waste Maid
£ 10.00
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  1. Description of the Waste Maid Mr.Scrappy Disposer Brush DB

    Keep the inside of your disposer clean with this easy to use Mr.Scrappy disposer brush. The brush is used by simply entering the brush through your sink hole into your disposer and twisting the top, to clean all around the inside of the disposer. The Mr.Scrappy disposer brush has a unique design to allow it to be suitable for use with any disposer.

  2. Features of the Waste Maid Mr.Scrappy Disposer Brush DB

    ✔ Unique design to fit all disposers.
    ✔ Easy to use
    ✔ Cleans inside of your disposer
    ✔ Easy to hold handle 

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