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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Intelligent Filling System 7738112911

(Code: 7738112911)
Worcester Bosch
Worcester Greenstar Intelligent Filling System. Suitable for use with the Lifestyle boilers only
£ 61.13
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  1. Description of Worcester Bosch Greenstar Intelligent Filling System 7738112911:

    The innovative new Greenstar Intelligent Filling System constantly monitors your heating system’s pressure, and if ever this drops, it will automatically re-fill your system to the optimum level. This is designed to maximise your comfort and help to optimise heating and hot water performance. This takes away the need to contact a heating engineer or to manually top up your boiler’s system, saving you time and hassle.

    This product uses the latest innovative software to ensure the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range helps maintain optimum boiler pressure. If the system pressure becomes low, this revolutionary software allows the internal filling valve to automatically fill the heating system. Once optimum pressure has been reached, this function will automatically stop and close the integrated filling valve.

    The Greenstar Intelligent Filling System also prevents the boiler from over-filling and will alert your customer if the heating system is losing too much pressure. This reduces the need or unnecessary call outs.

    *Please note that the Intelligent Filling System is compatible with Combi Boilers only.

  2. Features of Worcester Bosch Greenstar Intelligent Filling System 7738112911:

    ✔ Innovative new technology, unique to Worcester Bosch and the Greenstar Lifestyle range
    ✔ Automatically keeps your system pressure at the optimum level
    ✔ Removes the need to manually top up your boiler system pressure
    ✔ Will recognise a significant leak in your heating system
    ✔ Will prevent your boiler from over-filling