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Aqualisa Electric shower 10.5kw Lumi Chrome LME10501

(Code: DD50980)
Aqualisa Electric shower 10.5kw Lumi Chrome LME10501. Aqualisa Lumi™ Electric’s temperature control is made from Aerospace grade stainless steel.
£ 329.00
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  1. Description of Aqualisa Electric Shower 10.5kw Lumi Chrome LME10501:

    This product is the Aqualisa Electric shower 10.5kw Lumi Chrome LME10501. Make the ultimate style statement and illuminate your senses with Aqualisa Lumi Electric. Featuring a mirrored glass fascia and illuminated panel. Let reflection and light brighten your day.
    Aqualisa Lumi™ has redefined electric showers. A design statement of mirror and light that offers you a complete sensorial experience every day. Start and stop the shower with the sensory touch control and immerse yourself under the luxurious Harmony shower head.
  2. Features of Aqualisa Electric shower 10.5kw Lumi Chrome LME10501:

    ✔ Luxury, mirrored glass fascia with illuminated panel
    ✔ Sensory touch start/stop control
    ✔ Aerospace grade brushed stainless steel temperature control
    ✔ Unique ‘Over Temperature Protection’ system for safer family showering and delayed shutdown flushes away residual hot water, reducing limescale build-up
    ✔ Electic Shower