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Plumb2u MINI Electric Metered Water Softener 12.5L

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Plumb2u MINI Water Softener 12.5L . Metered unit for up to 8 people with 12.5L resin complete. This product comes with a 22mm installation kit
£ 349.95
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  1. Description of Plumb2u MINI Water Softener 12.5L:

    This product is the Plumb2u Water Softener Mini. The capacity for this softener is  12.5 litres and is designed for up to 8 people. This product comes with a 22mm installation kit. A water softener from the Plumb2u range guarantees an ease of use product with long-lasting and reliable performance providing maximum energy efficiency. These Water Softeners are built and wet-tested to exacting design standards and our advanced water softening system reduces the amount of salt and water used during each regeneration cycle.

    Small, compact, the Plumb2u Mini water softener, metered water softener is designed to fit in all household situations. It is suitable for 1-8 people. The best salt for this water softener is tablet and the salt storage capacity is 15kg. This model can be fitted under a sink. The energy saving units are suitable for all types of plumbing systems. Less salt and water are used as the metered, automatic unit only regenerates when necessary. Easy to operate electronics require little programming – simply adjust the water hardness level if needed. This durable water softener also features a stylish cabinet and hood, producing an endless supply of softened water.
    The benefits that this water softener offers are:
    ✔ 12.5 litre capacity, designed for 1-8 people
    ✔ Produces a plentiful supply of silky feeling, soft water
    ✔ Full automated and metered – only regenerates when required
    ✔ Improves hot water and heating system efficiency
    ✔ Designed to use the exact amount of salt
    ✔ Prolongs the life of household water appliances
    ✔ High flow rate capabilities
    ✔ Suitable for all plumbing systems
    ✔ Learns and remembers water usages
    ✔ Soft water rinses clean away with no scum – even after shaving
    ✔ Eliminates scale around taps and stains in baths and basins
    ✔ Glasses and dishes sparkle and shine
    ✔ Ergonomically designed, stylish unit
    ✔ Easy to understand smart electronics
    ✔ Tried and tested for reliability and durability
    ✔ Manufacturers warranty: 5 year parts guarantee and 12 months labour guarantee

  2. Main features of Plumb2u MINI Water Softener 12.5L:

    ✔ Electric Water softener
    ✔ Up to 8 people, 12.5 litre capacity
    ✔ Prolongs the life of household water appliances
    ✔ Suitable for all plumbing systems
    ✔ Full automated and metered – only regenerates when required
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Fantastic price and works brilliantly. Prompt delivery also. Very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend this product.
Christopher M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product. Bought as a replacement for a previous Calsoft M model. Easy to install using the existing bypass plumbing and high flow kit.
Chris B.