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Arctic Hayes Pro Commercial Freeze Kit 8-35mm ZECOM

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Arctic Hayes
Arctic Spray Pro freeze kit, the complete essentials kit to start freezing regular pipe sizes, designed for heating and plumbing engineers.
£ 219.79
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  1. Description of Arctic Hayes Pro Commercial Freeze Kit 8-35mm ZECOM:

    This Pro Kit comes in a hard case and includes three of the most common jacket sizes. Suited to commercial heating and plumbing engineers, it is ideal for commercial plumbing jobs. Suitable for 8mm 15mm 22mm 28mm or 35mm pipes with dual freeze capability on horizontal and vertical pipes.

    Arctic Spray Commercial freezer kit with a low global warming potential refrigerant gas is suitable for freezing mains cold water, hot water and central heating pipes. Non-flammable, easy and clean to use and will not damage pipework or joints.
    Kit Contains:
    ✔ 2 x 8 to 15mm jackets
    ✔ 2 x 15 to 22mm jackets
    ✔ 2 x 18 to 35mm jackets
    ✔ 1 x 600g spray can
    ✔ Brass regulator valve
    ✔ 1 x T-connector
    ✔ 1 x 1m hose
    ✔ Weighing scale
    ✔ Carry case
  2. Features of Arctic Hayes Pro Commercial Freeze Kit 8-35mm ZECOM:

    ✔ Pro Freeze Kit
    ✔ Suitable to use on 8mm to 35mm pipes
    ✔ Designed for heating and plumbing engineers
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