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Bar Mixer Showers

A bar mixer shower boasts modern, slim-style controls that make them suitable for small bathrooms and those looking for a simple design. They are designed to use up minimal space and are also suitable for use above baths. The easy design and simple-to-use design makes them ideal for everyone ensuring you can have a shower experience that meets your every need. Within the bar mixer, you will find all the necessary parts such as the diverter, temperature and flow control as well as the diverter. This type of shower has been manufactured to be easy to use which makes them suitable for a range of homes. It’s possible to use them with a variety of systems and they can be used in homes with low water pressure. As part of our range, you will find a range of styles and bar mixer showers from manufacturers such as Bristan and Triton. Using the latest thermostatic technology, you will find that you have greater control over your showers every time. 
Grohe G800 thermostatic mixer shower set _ 34565001
(Code: 34565001)
£ 165.68
(-21.54%) £ 130.00
Grohe 27922001 Tempesta Thermostatic Shower
(Code: 27922001)
£ 327.50
(-19.11%) £ 264.90
Inta Nulo Safe Touch Thermostatic Bar Shower CB10031CP
(Code: CB10031CP)
£ 179.95
(-16.67%) £ 149.95