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Bellseal Fix 'n Seal Double Sided Membrane 3.4 Metres BS-DSM-3.4M

(Code: BS-DSM-3.4M)
Bellseal Fix 'n Seal
Bellseal Fix’n’Seal is a unique bath sealant tape using high-performance thermoplastic DPC. The double-sided membrane provides instant adhesion which securely anchors straight to the wall. Unlike sealants, which eventually dry and crack, Fix’n’Seal’s unique patented formula stays adhesive, and built-in flexibility allows for the natural movement of a bath or shower tray in use.For sealing baths, shower trays and kitchen work surfaces
£ 34.95
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  1. Description of Bellseal Fix 'n Seal Double Sided Membrane 3.4 Metres BS-DSM-3.4M:

    Bellseal Fix’n’Seal is designed to fix any bathroom appliance, bath, shower tray, basin, or kitchen worktop securely and permanently to the wall. It is also suitable for use in wetrooms. It acts as a permanent seal even when the edge sealants fail. It is flexible enough to allow the natural movement of the bath or shower tray in use without cracking, and strong enough to stay fixed to the wall. Water getting between the bath or shower tray and wall can cause serious damage, even before the problem becomes obvious. It contributes to the deterioration of plaster and timbers, and hidden behind tiles can be causing a significant problem before it becomes visible. Water finds its own course, so if there are adjoining properties (for example a flat below) the problem can become even more serious, resulting in the need for expensive repairs, high insurance claims and increased premiums. Not to mention the inconvenience.

    Traditional sealants can be tricky and messy to use properly, and will ‘cure’ (drying and cracking) over time, eventually becoming less watertight. And many require the use of additional screws and brackets to ensure baths, sinks and shower trays stay watertight against the wall, adding to the cost of installation. That’s why Bellseal have invested heavily in developing Fix’n’Seal, a smart sealant product loved by both trade professionals and DIY customers.

    The two-part system consists of a black thermoplastic DPC membrane (the same material which is used when damp-proofing houses), and a white heavy-duty butyl membrane. It sticks firmly to virtually any surface, with no need for primers, screws, brackets or additional products. It even provides instant grip to newly dried plaster.

  2. Features of Bellseal Fix 'n Seal Double Sided Membrane 3.4 Metres:

    ✔ Built-in flexibility
    ✔ Ready to use with just 15-second preparation time
    ✔ No additional adhesive, brackets or screws needed
    ✔ Fits neatly behind tiling for a tight seal and clean edge
    ✔ Does not cure, crack, shrink or lose adhesion
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