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Bristan Gallery Rapid 4in1 Instant Boiling Water Tap GLL RAPSNK4 C

(Code: CC12995)
£ 605.00
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  1. Description of the Bristan Gallery Rapid 4in1 Instant Boiling Water Tap GLL RAPSNK4 C

    Whether you are making the ideal brew or reaching for a glass of fresh, filtered water, our rapid 4in1 mixer tap does it all. as you’d expect, we’ve poured all our expertise into making a reliable, high-quality product, all wrapped up in a sleek design that will fit seamlessly into any kitchen. water efficient - as you only dispense the exact amount of water required. the high tech technology ensures only a minimal of energy is consumed to maintain the water at a specific temperature. unlike a standard kettle, you always boil more water than needed and you have to heat the water from cold. with a boiling water tap, you only dispense the exact amount of water, making it both water and energy efficient. perfect taste – filter included to minimise lime scale and other nasty to prolong the life of your tank, as well absorbing chlorine and other chemicals to give you the perfect taste for your cold water, tea or coffee. 4 settings – easily select from 80°c to 98°c to suit all of your cleaning or cooking needs. or use the standard hot or cold flow as required. 3 litre tank – enough for 8 fairly big mugs of tea or filling your pans for cooking. the water tank will instantly refill after use and heat to the desired temperature (around 5-10 minutes). easy to install – comes complete with all parts including the tap, tank, filter, tails and metal fixing to secure your tap in place, so it wont more or rotate during use. high quality - a hard-wearing, flawless luminous chrome that lasts years. it's also scratch resistant and salt spray tested to ensure added durability. rigorously tested - extensive life cycle testing and user trials, by our ukas 17025 accredited test lab and in consumer homes. suitable for high pressure systems - minimum operating pressure 1. 3 bar, maximum operating pressure 3 bar. spout dimensions - height 365mm, projection 185mm. inlet connection - uk standard - 1/2" bsp flexible tails. flow rate @ 3. 0 bar – 9. 6 litre/minute. construction material – brass. 2 year (tank) and 5 year (tap) manufacturer's , with the support of an award winning customer service team, allowing confidence and peace of mind.
  2. ✔ Keep little hands safe - the boiling water can only be operated By holding the sensor continuously, and will flow smoothly from the tap - reducing the risk of scalds from any spitting
    ✔ With the simple touch of a button, fresh, great tasting water is dispensed; with calcium, magnesium and other impurities being removed by the space-saving filter Cartridge located under the sink
    ✔ There are 4 Temperature settings available - Including 98'c for the perfect cup of tea or coffee, sterilising baby bottles, or for blanching vegetables
    ✔ The heating tank has a 3 litre capacity, which means you can comfortably fill pans for cooking or make 8 large cups of tea for guests
    ✔ Our space saving Design means You'll still have space in your cupboard for kitchen necessities and you'll free up much needed counter space with the removal of your kettle
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