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Calmag CalChem 3-in-1 Chemical Inhibitor CHEM-CALCHEM

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Calmag CalChem 3-in-1 chemical inhibitor CHEM-CALCHEM. 1 litre universal chemical
£ 10.95
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  1. Description of Calmag CalChem 3-in-1 Chemical Inhibitor CHEM-CALCHEM:

    This product is the Calmag CalChem 3-in-1 chemical inhibitor CHEM-CALCHEM.

    CalChem 3 in 1 provides effective total system protection. It has a special reagent formula which works on reaction to sludge, limescale, flux and other debris through its combination of chemicals. This fast reaction liquid is water-soluble, non-flammable and non-acidic, and can, therefore, be used for all types of systems, including copper and aluminium. In addition, CalChem is environmentally friendly.
    CalChem has been formulated to ensure that all you need to do is pour the contents into the central heating system - either via a filling loop or a header tank - then leave alone. The product will then break down any sludge, scale, debris, etc to such a minute amount that il will increase the efficiency of your central heating system together with adding in a corrosion inhibitor to protect against further problems.
    The benefits from this CalChem 3-in-1 are:
    ✔ Restoration. Controls sludge, scale, flux and other debris to restore the heating efficiency of existing systems
    ✔ Noise reduction. Prevents boiler noise, venting of radiators and pump seizure.
    ✔ Protection. Against corrosion damage and limescale formation
    ✔ Easy to use. Water soluble, non-flammable and non-acidic
    ✔ This product is used when power flushing has not been carried out or when a corrosion inhibitor has not been used
    ✔ CalChem should be left in the system

  2. Features of Calmag CalChem 3-in-1 Chemical Inhibitor CHEM-CALCHEM:

    ✔ Universal chemical
    ✔ 1 litre
    ✔ 10-15 radiators
    ✔ 100 litre system
    ✔ 3 in 1 product
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