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Calmag CalSoakaway AN-CALSOAKAWAY

Calmag CalSoakaway AN-CALSOAKAWAY. Traditional soakaway to British Standards BS6798:2014
£ 16.17
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  1. Description of Calmag CalSoakaway AN-CALSOAKAWAY:

    This product is the Calmag CalSoakaway AN-CALSOAKAWAY. The CalSoakaway has been designed to conform to the latest regulations. It has been manufactured to the highest possible standards using excellent material that does not degrade when exposed to acidic waste. The durable housing has the recommended number of outlets for the acidic waste to disperse from the calcium carbonate, and the universal cap can cope with 22 mm, 35 mm and 42 mm condensate pipe. The main benefits are:
    ✔ Total acid protection
    ✔ No replacement needed
    ✔ Lasts the lifetime of the boiler – based on a boiler replacement scheme
    ✔ Simple to install and easy discharge
    ✔ No need to dig condensate traps
    ✔ Compatible with 22mm, 35 mm and 42mm condensate pipe

  2. Features of Calmag CalSoakaway AN-CALSOAKAWAY:

    ✔ Soakaway
    ✔ Acidic neutraliser
    ✔ Underground
    ✔ 10 years
    ✔ British Standard listed
  4. To find out more details about the product. Have a look at the following product spreadsheet.