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DAB Esybox Diver 55/120 Booster Pump 60197917

(Code: 60197917)
DAB Pumps
Submersible Cold Water Booster Pump
£ 1,034.99
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  1. Description of DAB Esybox Diver 55/120 Booster Pump 60197917:

    7” multi-stage electronic pump with variable frequency drive for clean water designed for use in wells, tanks or cisterns. The pump can be used submerged, partially submerged or on the surface (with the DOC68 accessory, supplied separately). The pump is suitable for pressurization, rainwater re-use and gardening and irrigation activities in residential building service. The pump integrates the variable frequency drive for operation according to the system requirements a non-return valve and a handle in stainless steel for transport. The electronic operation also protects against dry running and the VFD saves energy. The suction height is adjustable from the bottom up to 8cm.

    It is possible to connect a float and a level sensor without compromising the water tightness of the pump thanks to the NFC (Near Field Communication) pocket. Equipped with expansion tank making the use of an additional expansion tank superfluous. Wi-Fi connectivity as standard. The DConnect Box 2 is included, by downloading the DConnect app for Android or iOS you can control the pump from your smartphone. The pump is available in X version with 1” inlet and X kit which includes 1 meter suction hose and float to prevent the suction of impurities from the bottom. The whole pump is IP68 certified, it can be used on the surface (under head).
  2. Features of DAB Esybox Diver 55/120 Booster Pump 60197917:

    ✔ Energy Efficient
    ✔ Possible type of installation: Fixed, horizontal or vertical. Submerged or semi-submerged
    ✔ Can be installed on the surface, under the water level, in a vertical position with the DOC68 accessory (supplied separately)
    ✔ Protection class: IP 68
    ✔ 2 year manufacturers warranty
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