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DAB E.Sytank Water Storage Tank 60161819

(Code: 1144540)
DAB Pumps
Water Storage Tank
£ 794.99
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  1. Description of DAB E.Sytank Water Storage Tank 60161819:

    E.Sytank is a drinking water storage tank, designed with integration of the E.Sybox booster pump system. Complete tank and pump system to boost mains water supply in domestic/residential and light commercial applications. Tank specially studied to better integrate with E.Sybox and equipped with:
    • Esydock (specially versioned) for quick connection
    • Suction hose with foot valve
    • Filling valve from the water supply with float
    • Overflow
    • Flow connection
    • Preparation for ground mounting
    • Inspection plug
    Capacity of 500L with the possibility of expansion on 3 sides.
  2. Features of DAB E.Sytank Water Storage Tank 60161819:

    ✔ Maximum capacity of 480 litres, suitable for use with drinking water
    ✔ Tank supplied complete with all the accessories for rapid installation
    ✔ Full integration and simple installation of E.Sybox
    ✔ Tank suitable for potable water
    ✔ 2 year manufacturers warranty
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