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Triton T80Z SP8001ZFF 10.5KW Fast Fit Electric Shower White/Chrome

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GROHE 39053000 can help you reduce the amount of water used by your toilet flushing system without compromising its performance. Equipped with Grohe EcoJoy technology for less water and perfect flow. Also,the Grohe Starlight chrome finish ensures the durability of the material.
£ 106.95
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  1. Description of the article Triton T80Z SP8001ZFF 10.5KW Fast Fit Electric Shower White/Chrome

    Triton T80Z 10.5 KW Fast-Fit Eco electric shower is designed to limit water consumption, conserving a valuable resource and reducing your water bill. This model is the ultimate replacement shower, packed with features to simplify installation including cable and water entry options from all possible directions.

    Triton's Fast Fit range was designed to limit water consumption to a maximum of 6 litres per minute, conserving a valuable resource and reducing your water bill. 

    Accepts pipe and cable entry from all possible directions. Within the shower, the Swing-FitTM wiring terminal can swing left or right to ensure any existing cable will reach the connection. Similarly, the Swivel-FitTM water inlet connection can swivel left or right to match the direction of any existing pipework.

  2. Thermostatic control constantly regulates the temperature of water
  3. The model with 10.5kW rating for requires 10mmcabling
  4. Dura-Flow™ heater technology to reduce scale build up
  5. 5 showerhead spray patterns
  6. Reduces scale build up by up to 80%
  7. Great for replacement
  8. Quick and simple installation
  9. Low  pressure indicator
  10. Rotary power control
  11. Rub clean nozzles
  12. 2-year manufacturer guarantee

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