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Fernox Limescale Remover DS-3 2kg 61027

(Code: 6603027)
This powerful product is ideal for use to remove limescale deposits from domestic appliances & boiler heat exchangers.
£ 25.99
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  1. Description of the article Fernox Limescale Remover DS-3 2kg

    Tried and trusted for over 25 years, Superconcentrate Limescale Preventer prevents the build-up of limescale throughout the home. Easy to use, this product helps maintain energy efficiency and saves money on fuel bills by tackling the issues of limescale
  2. ✔ Restores efficiency to all types of water heater
    ✔ Powerful acid limescale remover dissolves up to 50% of its own weight of limescale
    ✔ Corrosion inhibited
    ✔ The colour change indicated when exhausted
    ✔ Safe to apply and easy to use
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