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Geberit Duofix Frame for Wall-Hung WC, 114cm, with Sigma Concealed Cistern 8cm 111.799.00.1

(Code: CC00389B)
This frame is designed for wall-hung WCs with connection dimensions in accordance with EN 33:2011to be used with a wall hung toilet pan.
£ 284.99
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  1. Description of the article Geberit Duofix frame for wall-hung WC, 114 cm, with Sigma concealed cistern 8 cm_111.799.00.1

    The Geberit Duofix WC Frame is ideal for fixing a WC and comes with a Sigma Cistern. Pleasing in powder-coated, Ultramarine Blue finish, it blends nicely with most bathroom set-ups. Suitable for installation of wall-hung WC, on various types of walls like load-bearing stud wall, split-height pre-wall construction, room height Duofix system wall, room height wall or a partition wall. The product is suitable for single flush with Sigma 10 or Tango flush plates. Includes all materials and fixings for a secure and fast installation.
  2. ✔ Frame with ø 9 mm drilling holes for fastening in wood frame construction
    ✔ Frame suitable for ceramic WC appliances with a small contact surface (with pressure-resistant wall covering)
    ✔ Rotating foot plate, for installation in UW50 and UW75 profiles
    ✔ Tool-free fastening for outlet bend, sound-absorbing, adjustable in depth with 8 positions, adjustable range 45mm
    ✔ The protection cover protects the service opening against moisture and dirt and can be mounted without tools and cut to length
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