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Hansgrohe Croma 100 Hand Shower Vario 28535000

(Code: CC61571)
Hansgrohe Croma 100 Hand Shower Vario 28535000. 4 spray types: rain, normal spray, Shampoo spray, Massage spray 
£ 30.94
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  1. Description of the article hansgrohe Croma 100 Hand Shower Vario  28535000

    The Croma 100 shower collection delivers a unique showering experience with its broad, generous stream of water. Three new elements have been added to the collection to further enhance showering pleasure - these include the Croma 100 hand shower, the Croma 100 Showerpipe and the height-adjustable Unica Lift set. These components combine to give the effect of gentle summer rain.

    The simple way to enjoy amazing showers
    The Croma 100 Hand shower Vario from hansgrohe allows you to personalize your showering experience by easily switching between four spray modes; Normal, Rain, Shampoo and Massage. The handy tab on the spray disc enables easy turning to your preferred mode. The spray surface has QuickClean technology for easy limescale removal. Easy to clean (QuickClean technology): Limescale can be removed by wiping the silicone nozzles on the shower head.
  2. ✔ Showerhead size: 100 mm
    ✔ Spray pattern: Rain, normal spray, Shampoo spray, Massage spray
    ✔ Spray type adjustment by turning spray disc
    ✔ Grey spray disc
    ✔ QuickClean technology
    ✔ With internal water conduction
    ✔ Rinseable screen seal
    ✔ Connection thread G ½
    ✔ Connection dimension: DN15
    ✔ Maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 18 l/min
    ✔ Operating pressure: min. 1 bar
    ✔ 5 years warranty
    ✔ Spare parts can be purchased up to 15 years after the range has been discontinued
  4. If you need help to install the unit. Have a look on the following instructions.