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hansgrohe Raindance Select E Hand shower 120 3jet 26520000

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This is the hansgrohe 26520000 radiance hand shower. Three different spray modes and one large shower head (120 mm): The Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 3jet hand shower turns your daily shower into a real experience!
£ 76.79
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  1. Description of the article hansgrohe 26520000 Raindance 3 spray mode - Select E120 hand shower

    This is the hansgrohe 26520000 comes with three different spray modes and one large shower head (120 mm). The RainAir spray spoils you with water droplets that are air-enriched with hansgrohe AirPower to become even fuller and softer. The Rain jet invigorates and refreshes with a pleasantly powerful force that pelts the body. It is therefore ideally suited to rinsing out shampoo quickly and thoroughly, for example.

    It is not just Hansgrohe AirPower technology, which enriches the water with air to make the droplets softer and fuller, that increases the level of comfort. The QuickClean anti-limescale function also makes your life easier. Simply rub limescale and deposits by hand very easily off the flexible silicon naps of the spray disc with Hansgrohe QuickClean technology. This ensures you can enjoy a perfect shower spray and continue to enjoy your hand shower for years to come.

    Experience the unforgettable feeling of RainAir.
    The iF design award winning Raindance Select E 120 hand shower from hansgrohe allows you to personalize your shower experience at the touch of a button. Use the handy Select button to seamlessly switch between three spray modes; Rain, RainAir and Whirl. The shower surface is fully chrome-plated with QuickClean technology for easy limescale removal.

    RainAir is an innovation from hansgrohe that enriches water with air in the shower head. This creates fuller water droplets that softly release their heat on the skin.

    Easy to clean (QuickClean technology): Limescale can be removed by wiping the silicone nozzles on the shower head.
  2. ✔ Select button to comfortably switch between spray modes
    ✔ Spray pattern: RainAir, Rain, Whirl
    ✔ Shower head size: 120 mm
    ✔ Convenient diversion via Select button
    ✔ Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 14.4 l/min
    ✔ Operating pressure: min 1.0 bar / max 6 bar
    ✔ Connection thread G ½
    ✔ Connection dimension: DN15
    ✔ Rinseable screen seal
    ✔ With internal water conduction
    ✔ QuickClean technology
    ✔ AirPower technology
    ✔ 5 years warranty
    ✔ Spare parts can be purchased up to 15 years after the range has been discontinued
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Arrived promptly and as described.
Paul S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent speedy service and the shower head works really well. a lovely spray.
Theresa R.