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Salus EP110 Single Channel Programmable Thermostat

(Code: 3300560)
Salus EP110 digital timer for single channel system applications lets you set and control central heating or hot water to suit your lifestyle needs. Can be used for volt free and 230V applications.
£ 23.90



  1. A programmable heating controller is used to switch the heating system and/or hot water in your home as needed. It works by controlling the heating boiler according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day. The controller can be set up to 3 programs per day, with complementary Boost actions and can operate in five different modes. Three different sets of time can be set for each day of week, resulting in a total of 21 settings applicable to the device.

    When connected to a system with a non-programmable (digital) thermostat, it can switch off/on the boiler and control the heating and/or hot water in your system in a programmed manner. You can use the controller in a fully pumped and controlled system, where heating and hot water can be operated independently or in gravity-fed water system, where the central heating cannot be operated without hot water.

    The heating system will not work if the programmer has switched it off. The controller does not detect the temperature or adjust the heating mode in your house, it just tells the boiler when to switch Off/On depending on our individual time settings.

    With the controller you don’t have to worry about switching On/Off your system manually. All you need to do it so set up the schedules that fit your needs. The controller can be used on your system to control either the central heating OR the hot water.

  2. ✔ Switching volt free and 230V
    ✔ Timed control for central heating or hot water
    ✔ 3 On/Off periods
    ✔ Large, easy to read LCD
    ✔ Holiday function
    ✔ Advance function
    ✔ Boost function
    ✔ Simple installation
    ✔ Default program
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