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Honeywell Home Wireless Digital Room Thermostat DT92E1000

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Honeywell Home
Honeywell Home Rf Room Stat Dt92e.Wireless digital stat
£ 109.99
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  1. Description of Honeywell Home Wireless Digital Room Thermostat DT92E1000:

    This product is the Honeywell Home Dt92e Wireless Digital Room Thermostat

    The Honeywell Home DT92E Wireless Digital Room Thermostat comes with the parts: BDR91 Wireless Relay Box and DTS92 Wireless Room Thermostat.

    The DT92E wireless digital room thermostat has been designed to provide automatic temperature control of gas or oil fired boiler systems, underfloor heating, electric heating and zoning systems. The DT92E is ideal for use with Honeywell Home evohome, where temperature control of a single zone operated by a motorised zone valve or an electric appliance (such as a towel rail is required.
    The DT92E has an ECO button energy saving feature which gives timed setback or boosts temperatures to reduce energy demand. This is a TPI (Time Proportional & Integral) control product, which make boilers operate more efficiently and provides close, accurate control. This is continually improved by a self learning adaptive capability. The ‘OFF’ setting can be used for frost or hypothermia protection, assuming the system time control is also switched on.

    ‘Installer Mode’ allows control to be matched to the system and user requirements, adapting minimum on or off times, set point controls etc. The volt free connections are ideal for use with combination boilers or heating zones.

    ✔ Energy saving TPI control

    ✔ ECO button for energy saving mode

    ✔ 30 metres wireless range

    ✔ Two way wireless communications

    ✔ Signal strength indicator

  2. Features of Honeywell Home Wireless Digital Room Thermostat DT92E1000:

    ✔ Large clear screen
    ✔ shows set point & room temperature
    ✔ time set back facility
    ✔ 5 to 35°C set point range
    ✔ Two wire connection