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Inta 22mm Activflo Water Conditioner AF022

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Inta 22mm Activflo Water Conditioner AF022
£ 175.31
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  1. Description of Inta 22mm Activflo Water Conditioner AF022:

    This product is the Inta 22mm Activflo Water Conditioner AF022. It is part of the Activflo range from Inta manufactuer.

    Limescale forms in hard water areas most notably when water is heated. As water heats up its capacity to hold calcium in solution reduces and water can become super saturated with calcium ions. ActivFlo utilises a catalytic method of water treatment, it has no wires, requires no power sources or salt and does not add or remove anything from the water.

    Inside the ActivFlo is its unique patented catalytic alloy made from a combination of semi-precious metals that react with the water. As the water flows through the ActivFlo the natural conductivity of the water causes the metals to react with one another generating an electric field on the surface of the patented alloy, this electrical field causes the calcium and bicarbonate ions to precipitate from the water forming an insoluble microscopic calcium carbonate crystal called aragonite. The smooth surface of this aragonite crystal cannot adhere to surfaces in the same way as limescale and evaporate on surfaces such as shower screens, the deposits are much easier to remove and do not require chemicals or aggressive cleaning options.

    ✔ No Power Supply Required
    ✔ "Fit and Forget Installation”
    ✔ Maintenance Free
    ✔ Quality Stainless Steel Housing
    ✔ Helps to improve and Maintain The Efficiency Of Heating Equipment
    ✔ Life Expectancy in Excess of 20 Years
    ✔ Suitable For Whole House Protection
    How does ActivFlo work?
    In hard water, there is excessive calcium and bicarbonate ions which bind together during heat or pressure changes to form calcium carbonate hard scale.

    As this water passes through the ActivFlo, two things happen. It’s exposed to a small electrical charge on the surface of the alloy and it also experiences a drop in pressure, caused by the alloy’s shape. These actions cause the calcium and bi-carbonate to form an insoluble aragonite crystal. These crystals, microscopic in size, are smoother and do not have the same bonding properties as calcium carbonate. This means that they can’t stick to pipework, heating elements, shower heads etc. They remain suspended in the water and ultimately flow out through the drain.
    And because ActivFlo is not a filter, the water retains all its minerals, making it just as good to drink.

    What are the benefits of using ActivFlo?
    ✔ ActivFlo supplies whole house protection
    ✔ Actively reduces the buildup of limescale inside pipework, heating components and appliances throughout domestic properties
    ✔ Improves system efficiency
    ✔ No maintenance required
    ✔ No electrical connections needed
    ✔ Helps to reduce fuel and maintenance costs
    ✔ 15 year manufacturing warranty

  2. Features of Inta 22mm Activflo Water Conditioner AF022:

    ✔ Suitable For Whole House Protection
    ✔ 15 Year Warranty
    ✔ Life Expectancy in Excess of 20 Years
    ✔ Maintenance Free
    ✔ No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets and no earth bonding required
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Decent price, let down by delivery time. If you need an urgent item do not use free delivery option regardless of the item total price. Website estimated delivery time is misleading customers. i could walk down the pluming shop but I would pay a lot more. Second class delivery is at best three days not over a week..
Pau S.