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Inta 28mm UFH Mixing Valve UFHTMV28

(Code: UFHTMV28)
Inta 28mm UFH Mixing Valve UFHTMV28
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  1. Description of Inta 28mm UFH Mixing Valve UFHTMV28

    This is the Inta 28mm UFH Mixing Valve UFHTMV28 valve. With this valve you can control the temperature of the flow to any of your water supplies including taps and showers.

  2. Features of Inta 22mm UFH Mixing Valve UFHTMV22:

    ✔ Automatic shutoff in the event of hot or cold water supply failure
    ✔ Temperature Controlled Flow
    ✔ 28mm Size
    ✔ Use for a range of water supplies
    ✔ 2 year warranty
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