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Inta Single Loop Mixer Thermal Cut Out UFHSLPSETTC


£ 269.99
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  1. Description of Inta Single Loop Mixer Thermal Cut Out UFHSLPSETTC:

    This product is the Inta Single Loop Mixer Thermal Cut Out UFHSLPSETTC. The item is part of Inta manufacturers underfloor accessories range.

    This mixer set is created for small area use with kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories and features a thermal shut off. The set is made up of a mixing valve, circulating pump, isolating valves, flow andreturn connections and fixing bracket. The set comes with a sleek nickel finish. 

  2. Features of Inta UFH Mixer Set Single Loop UFHSLPSET:

    ✔ Thermal shut off
    ✔ Hot temp. supply range : 60 to 85°C.
    ✔ Ideal for small areas
    ✔ Inlets : 1/2" BSP F
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