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Joule Invacyl Direct Unvented 210L Cylinder TRBMVD-0210LFC

(Code: TRBMVD-0210LFC)
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Joule Invacyl Direct Unvented 210L Cylinder TRBMVD-0210LFC. With high-grade stainless steel and fast flowing rates, they are perfect in both single or multiple outlet situations!
£ 394.79
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  1. Description of Joule Invacyl Direct Unvented 210L Cylinder TRBMVD-0210LFC:

    The Invacyl cylinder is the newest innovation in unvented hot water storage. It has been specifically designed to maximize performance and withstand years of use, backed by a 25-year manufacturer's warranty!

    The Joule Invacyl unvented cylinder is a sleek white outer casing that comes with industry-renowned safety components and fitted connections. The UKs’ number one brand for heaters, the unit has been manufactured to meet high standards of quality making it an excellent choice among consumers looking purchase their next hot water cylinder.
  2. Features of Joule Invacyl Direct Unvented 210L Cylinder TRBMVD-0210LFC:

    ✔ Manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel
    ✔ Heated electrically with two factory fitted immersions
    ✔ All fittings supplied
    ✔ Quality components throughout
    ✔ 25 year manufacturer's warranty
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