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Kidde 29D Smoke Alarm with 9V Battery & Test Button KS29D-UK

(Code: 29d)
Battery powered smoke alarm that uses an optical sensor. 9V Battery and Test Button.
£ 9.29
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  1. Description of Kidde 29D Smoke Alarm with 9V Battery and Test Button:

    Kidde 29D is a battery operated optical smoke detector that can be easily installed in most locations within your home. It will sound a loud 85dB alarm in the event of smoke being detected, and features a test button to allow for regular testing of the alarm function.

    The optical smoke sensing technology means that this alarm is highly effective at detecting slow-burning fires, and less susceptible to false activations caused by cooking fumes.
  2. Features of Kidde 29D Smoke Alarm with 9V Battery and Test Button:

    ✔ Optical sensing technology
    ✔ Test button to allow regular testing
    ✔ Easy to install
    ✔ Suitable for use in bedrooms and living areas
    ✔ Approved to EN14604 and CE tested and certified
    ✔ 3 year warranty
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