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Methven Aio Mini Basin Mixer AOBMCPUK

(Code: CC41013)
compact, single lever basin mixer makes one-handed temperature and flow control easy
£ 139.99
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  1. Description of Methven Aio Mini Basin Mixer AOBMCPUK:

    Aio tapware combines intriguing sculptural contours with modern minimalist design. With an integrated lever and body design, its sophisticated simplicity defies convention. Methven sets new standards in tapware by utilising Eco Brass. This revolutionary high quality, high strength material is lead and heavy metal free, therefore helps preserve water quality for both consumption and bathing..

  2. Features of Methven Aio Mini Basin Mixer AOBMCPUK:

    ✔ Lead free Eco Brass: Using Eco Brass to protect water quality and for enhanced corrosion resistance.
    ✔ Directional aerator: The aerator includes built in swivel for optimised stream direction and minimising splash back
    ✔ Ceramic cartridge: Fitted with a quality ceramic cartridge for all-round durability and longevity.
    ✔ Integrated base ring: The integrated design eliminates potential dirt build up and makes cleaning easy.
    ✔ Twin stud clamp kit: Twin stud is positioned centrally for maximum clamping force. Improving the seal, and ensuring a robust installation.
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