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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tile Drill Bit 45mm - Slotted Barrel (M14 Fit) XCEL Grade TDXCEL45

(Code: TDXCEL45)
Mexco 45mm Diamond Holesaw for Tile Drilling - TDXCEL45.
£ 36.47
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  1. Description of Mexco 45mm Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tile Drill Bit - Slotted Barrel (M14 Fit) XCEL Grade TDXCEL45:

    The Mexco drill bit range offers the user maximum performance and cost per cut for any type of drilling project, be it in man-made or natural materials. Slotted barrels make removal easier while diamond tip cuts ensure an impressive final appearance with professional finish guaranteed on every piece you use them on! The M14 connection allows use on an angle grinder and with the separately purchased adaptor these drills can be used in a Mains powered drill with a three jaw chuck.

    The XCEL range of products are simply our best in class, due to an uncompromised use of raw materials in their manufacture they offer the user a cutting or drilling experience that is faster and cleaner with an optimum cost per cut. For use on Bathroom Fittings (such as wall mounted cabinets), Kitchen Fittings; porcelain tiles & ceramic kitchens worktops among other things!
  2. Features of Mexco 45mm Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tile Drill Bit - Slotted Barrel (M14 Fit) XCEL Grade TDXCEL45:

    ✔ M14 thread for use with Angle Grinder
    ✔ No water required - wax lubricated & cooled
    ✔ Diamond tipped
    ✔ For High-speed Drills and Angle Grinders
    ✔ Grade: XCEL
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