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Premium Diamond Dry Core Drill 65mm - Slotted Barrel X90 Grade A10DC65

(Code: A10DC65)
Mexco 65mm Diamond Core Drill for Drilling Brick & Block - A10DC65.
£ 25.48
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  1. Description of Mexco 65mm Diamond Dry Core Drill - Slotted Barrel X90 Grade A10DC65:

    Dry core drilling is a fast and efficient way to drill into brick, block, or concrete. The X90 grade of Mexco's DC drills has diamond segments for increased durability against chipping when hitting hard surfaces like rock. Mexco dry core drills should be used in conjunction with a minimum 850W+ drill motor fitted with a slipping clutch. These diamond core drill bits are supplied as standard with a 1/2” BSP female backend and can be fitted with either a 13mm hex adaptor to fit a standard 13mm 3 jaw chuck or can be fitted with a SDS plus adaptor to fit an SDS core drill.

    The X90 range of products allows a broad spectrum and will provide fast cutting characteristics combined with low wear rates, an excellent lifetime. This 400mm barrel length can be used for drilling right through cavity walls - making it perfect for those who need to bore holes in brick or concrete blocks without any problems! The slotted inserts also allow waste removal quickly - especially when working on softer surfaces like Medium Soft Facing Brick or Concrete Blocks.
  2. Features of Mexco 65mm Diamond Dry Core Drill - Slotted Barrel X90 Grade A10DC65:

    ✔ 10mm Diamond Segment
    ✔ Slotted Barrel for fast drilling
    ✔ 1/2"BSP fitment
    ✔ Professional Quality
    ✔ Suitable for drilling through brick & block
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