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Nerrad Telescopic Basin Wrench NT6330

(Code: NT6330)
Nerrad Tools
£ 17.49
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  1. Description of Nerrad Telescopic Basin Wrench NT6330:

    Telescopic basin wrench with sprung jaw which automatically adjusts to the required size, made from forged steel for strength and durability. Spring loaded, self adjusting jaws maintain an automatic grip. Swivelling head for clockwise or anti-clockwise action.

    This telescopic basin wrench has 4 length adjustments and the jaw turns through 180 degrees for flexibility. Size 275 to 460mm reach. Jaw capacity up to 32mm.
  2. Features of Nerrad Telescopic Basin Wrench NT6330:

    ✔ Forged steel jaws for strength and durability
    ✔ Length adjustable - 4 positive stages up to 410mm
    ✔ Sprung Jaw automatically adjusts to the required size
    ✔ Adjustable jaws turn through 180 degrees for flexibility
    ✔ Sliding T handle for confined and long reach access
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