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Nerrad Tucker French Tool Kit NTTFPKIT

Nerrad Tools
£ 299.99
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  1. Description of Nerrad Tucker French Tool Kit NTTFPKIT:

    Exclusive Tucker French Tool Kit from Nerrad, perfect for professionals looking to make a saving.

    This kit contains 17 high-quality Nerrad Tools/CK Tools products in an 18" Plumbers Tote Bag, save over £150 RRP when buying this kit!

    This exclusive Tucker French Tool Kit includes the following Nerrad & CK Tools products:
    • Nerrad 18" Plumbers Tote Bag (NT720018)
    • Nerrad Copper Tube Cutter 15mm (NT2015)
    • Nerrad Copper Tube Cutter 22mm (NT2022)
    • Nerrad Brazing Mat (NT1001)
    • Nerrad Firejet Blowtorch (NTFJ500)
    • Nerrad Telescopic Basin Wrench (NT6330)
    • Nerrad Radiator Bleed Key x2 (NT6001)
    • Nerrad Tap Backnut Box Spanner (NT6300)
    • Nerrad Super Wide Stubby Wrench 32mm Jaw (NTSWS2)
    • Nerrad Variable Bilateral Wrench (NT6002)
    • Nerrad ProGrip Screwdriver Set - 6 Piece (NTSDS1)
    • Nerrad Vipergrip Pump Pliers 9" (NTVPRG240)
    • Nerrad 12" High Tension Hacksaw 24Tpi Blade (NTHS300)
    • CK Tools Junior Hacksaw (T0834)
    • CK Tools Twin Blade Folding Utility Knife (T0955)
    • CK Tools PVC Pipe & Conduit Cutter (430001)
    • CK Tools AVIT Heavy-Duty Tape Measure 7.5m (AV02012)
  2. Features of Nerrad Tucker French Tool Kit NTTFPKIT:

    ✔ Nerrad 18" Plumbers Tote Bag, 2 x Tube Cutters
    ✔ Firejet Blowtorch & Brazing Mat
    ✔ 4 x Wrenches/Spanner
    ✔ 12" Hacksaw & Junior Hacksaw
    ✔ Plus many other quality products, all in one kit