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Polypipe Knuckle Bend 90° NS45W

(Code: FF68152)
Polypipe Overflow 90 Degree Knuckle Bend White 21.5mm NS45W
£ 2.49
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  1. Description of Polypipe 90° Tee NS46W:

    This Polypipe is an Overflow 90° Tee NS46W for waste water systems. The manufacturer reference is NS46W. It is made in ABS material in white colour. The size is 21.5mm.

    Polypipe offer a wide range of waste water management products includes both ABS and MUPVC with both solvent weld and push fit jointing options. You can also find a wide selection of traps and overflow solutions to provide a truly adaptable solution for a broad scope of residential applications.

  2. Features of Polypipe 90° Tee NS46W:

    ✔ 90° Tee connection
    ✔ Connection type: Solvent weld
    ✔ Size: 21.5 mm
    ✔ Matching items available
    ✔ Suitable for all types of commercial and domestic installations