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Rothenberger VarioClean R600 Drain Cleaner Cordless 18V Set 1000003408

(Code: 1000003408)
R600 VarioClean Bare tool, spiral guiding hose, carrying strap, 18V/8Ah CAS battery, incl. Charger UK in ROCASE 6414, 16 + 22mm DuraFlex spiral- / tool set
£ 1,899.99
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  1. Description of Rothenberger VarioClean R600 Drain Cleaner Cordless 18V Set 1000003408:

    The all-new Rothenberger Cordless Range Includes the R600 VarioClean, this 18V machine has been designed to improve both portability and manoeuvrability. With a Brushless Motor for wear-free work and improved machine life, this unit when paired with the Rothenberger 4.0Ah 18v Battery has a maximum constant running time of up to 50 minutes.

    The VarioClean Electronic optimises adaptation to the type of blockage for faster work progress and greater efficiency., with an LED Site Light to illuminate the users work area. Ideal solution for plumbers as well as drain cleaners to effectively remove blockages in sewage pipes up to 150mm in diameter.
  2. Features of Rothenberger VarioClean R600 Drain Cleaner Cordless 18V Set 1000003408:

    ✔ Vario-Clean Electronic allows optimum adaption to the type of blockage, for faster work progress
    ✔ Plus 70 tools with 5 different spiral types for versatile application
    ✔ Multi-grip centre-lock clamping system, for spiral sizes 16 & 22mm and automatic adaptation to all sizes
    ✔ Brushless motor for wear-free work and longer machine life
    ✔ LED site light for perfect illumination of the work area
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