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Salamander Cold Water Storage Protection WSP

(Code: DD50129D)
Salamander Pumps
Cold Water Storage Protection
£ 99.00
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  1. Description of Salamander Cold Water Storage Protection WSP:

    The Salamander cold water storage protection is used to protect the pump from insufficient cold water capacity. The accessory has a mechanism that stops your shower pump from running dry and failing. When the water pump level drops below the minimum level the pump will cut out automatically. The water storage protection can only be connected to one pump. If you have multiple pumps you will need to wire up a water storage protection for each.

  2. Features of Salamander Cold Water Storage Protection WSP:

    ✔ Prevents pump failure
    ✔ To be used with a single pump
    ✔ Lightweight
    ✔ Can be fitted on the opposite side of the tank to the ball valve