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Salamander CT55 XTRA 1.5 Bar Single Positive Pump

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Salamander CT55 XTRA  Positive Head Single Shower Pump 1.5 Bar suitable for showers where the cold is from the mains water and the pump is converted to negative head (additional accessories may be required in this instance).
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£ 126.39
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  1. Salamander CT55 XTRA 1.5 Bar Single Positive Pump, this shower pump is suitable for boosting either the hot OR cold water pressure to an individual hot or cold tap.

    The Salamander CT Xtra range raises the bar for all other "entry level" shower pumps and is only suitable for gravity fed systems. With their advanced design features this new range of single and twin ended shower pumps will quietly and efficiently boost the hot and cold water supplies to thermostatic or manual mixer valves, and are suitable for a wide range of shower types and heads, making the new CT Xtra pumps the best valve for money pumps available.
  2. Single shower specific pump
    ✔ Quiet - only 44.5dBA*
    ✔ Compact size to make it fit into small  places
    ✔ Laminar flow float switch for an accurate switch on
    ✔ Constantly rated motor - improved efficiency
    ✔ AV couplers included
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Shopping Satisfaction
A good single shower pump used in an old house + hot water tank etc.
Richard C.