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Salus RT10-24V Underfloor Thermostat

(Code: 3300610)
Salus RT10-24V Underfloor Thermostat is an easy to use electronic room thermostat with optional pulse width modulation and valve protection function. Connection for night temperature reduction. Suitable for under-floor heating systems.
£ 16.49
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  1. Description of the article Salus RT10-24V Underfloor Thermostat

    The RT10 room thermostat is designed as an electronic temperature controller for the electrical fine adjustment of hot-water based heating systems, and is used for controlling electro-thermal valve actuators or other electrical devices. It is vitally important that the maximum switching current specified in the technical specifications should not be exceeded! We are not liable for any form of improper use.

    This equipment must only be installed by an authorised, qualified engineer, and only in accordance with the wiring diagram. Installation must also be in accordance with the latest VDE regulations as well as your electricity supplier's regulations.

    The system must be in a de-energised state whilst installation is carried out, and all safety instructions must be followed to the letter. Find a position for the thermostat where it is not covered by curtains, furniture or anything else. The controller must not be installed too close to any heat source (lights, stove, direct sunlight etc.), nor should it be installed in a position where it will be exposed to draughts. The controller must be installed in a suitable location in order for room temperature to be monitored accurately and accordingly regulated with precision

  2. ✔ Simple to use
    ✔ Pulse width modulation (PWM)
    ✔ Valve / pump protection function
    ✔ Night set back (when used with ERT50)
    ✔ Easy to install
    ✔ Modern design 
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