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STOPCOR Commercial Line C5

(Code: 2292103)
£ 140.85
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  1. Description of the STOPCOR Commercial Line C5

    The innate complexity of large scale commercial piping networks represents an entirely different challenge for the engineers.
    Electrochemical corrosion causes damage to metal structures, plumping installations, heating boilers, gas equipment, tanks etc.

    The STOPCOR® Commercial Line meets the varying demands of commercial facilities.
    STOPCOR® is a self-contained device which provides cathodic protection through a sacrificial magnesium anode, without the need of an external power source.

    It imposes current up to 1.5 V which covers and protects wide metal surfaces with much less sacrificed mass of active metal (anode).

    The protected surface remains negatively charged but its action is reversed and is now inclined to undergo reduction instead of oxidation.

    The impressed current must be over 1 volt but it must not exceed 10mA.

  2. ✔ Self-contained device
    ✔ No external power source required.
    ✔ No contact with water or liquids
    ✔ Reduction of limescale and sludge
    ✔ Consistent voltage and amperage
    ✔ 3 years of protection
    ✔ No intervention in the installations