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Tapworks Easychange 202400 Drinking Water Filter System

(Code: BB98106)
Tapworks Easychange 202400 Drinking Water Filter System filters and cleanses the water supply to bring chlorine-free, smell free and fresh tasting water to your taps. The filter can easily be fitted underneath a kitchen sink and includes an additional tap for filtered water. An easy to change replacement cartridge is also included - which usually lasts for 6 months (based on average use).
£ 75.00



  1. This product is the Tapworks Easychange 202400 Drinking Water Filter System. Imagine the freshness of bottled water, whenever you want it. With a Tapworks water filter you can experience the freshest water on tap, for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

    The Tapworks Easychange removes chlorine and odours for great tasting water. It is the one tap solution for all your drinking water needs.

    It comes with an easy to replace cartridge (Q5486), simply unscrew by hand and change. We will even remind you when it’s time to change your cartridge.

    The Tapworks Easy Change drinking water filter is connected to a cold water supply in properties - typically under a kitchen sink – and provides an additional tap that supplies freshly filtered water on demand. The water is filtered through a special Tapworks cartridge that is replaced periodically in seconds with ease. You don’t even need to turn-off the water supply to change the cartridge.
  2. ✔ Chlorine-free water
    ✔ Fresh and clean smelling water
    ✔ A reduction in limescale in kettles and coffee machines
    ✔ Clear water that’s great for drinking and food preparation
    ✔ Simple to install
    ✔ All you need in one box
    ✔ 2 years warranty
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