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Waste Maid Elite Economy Disposer 1580

(Code: 1580)
Waste Maid
£ 89.99
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  1. Description of the Waste Maid Elite Economy Disposer 1580

    The Waste Maid Elite Economy Disposer 1580 is a cost effective solution for your food waste problems! The disposer 1580 is an ideal size for anyone with limited under-counter space, yet still provides you with plenty of power and is easy to set up.

    The 1580 disposer can be used for some of the following household waste: small bones, fish heads and bones, vegetable scraps, tea bags (without the string/staple) and more!

    This waste maid model is the replacement for the following models: Waste Maid 050, 051, 055, 058 / Commander 5000 / Waste King 1025 (Gourmet Series), 1001 (Legend Series), Waste King (MFI or Howdens code) - 8810

  2. Features of the Waste Maid Elite Economy Disposer 1580

    ✔ Slimline disposer
    ✔ Regular grind chamber
    ✔ 2600RPM
    ✔ Bio shield antimicrobial protection
    ✔ Stainless Steel grind components
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