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Worcester Bosch 1m Flue Extension 125mm 7719001892

(Code: 1105920)
Worcester Bosch
Worcester Bosch most commonly used where the original flue pipe isn't long enough, adding 1m flue extension.
£ 62.39
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  1. Description of Worcester Bosch 1m Flue Extension 125mm 7719001892:

    This allows you to increase the length of a standard flue pipe, permitting you to have more control over where the plume is released from the property, avoiding neighbouring properties and other unsuitable areas. The flue extension is both quick to install and aesthetically pleasing, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the boiler system.

  2. Features of Worcester Bosch 1m Flue Extension 125mm 7719001892:

    ✔ Quick and easy to install
    ✔ Part of the range of high-efficiency flue accessories
    ✔ Made of premium quality material
    ✔ Compatible only with Worcester Bosch flues