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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 90° Flue Elbow 7716191084

(Code: 1105930B)
Worcester Bosch
Worcester Bosch, 45 Degree Flue Bend is created with Greenstar Condensing boilers in mind.
£ 47.50
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  1. Description of Worcester Bosch Greenstar 90° Flue Elbow 7716191084 :

    This 90 degree elbow bend can be used to manoeuvre a flue run around obstacles or to create a raised horizontal flue run, used in areas where space is limited. Condensate can produce acidic residue and therefore needs to be suitably disposed of, helping to maintain the efficiency of the system. This Worcester 100mm 90 Degree Elbow Bend allows you to offset a boiler flue for easier management within the property. Due to the toxic nature of the gases that pass through the flue, it is worth investing the time and effort into ensuring it is 100% safe and managed.

  2. Features of Worcester Bosch Greenstar 90° Flue Elbow 7716191084 :

    ✔ Compatible with all Greenstar oil-fired condensing boilers
    ✔ Makes it easier to get around obstructions
    ✔ Designed to be easy to use
    ✔ 90 degree elbow