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Accumulator Tanks

If you are looking to improve the flow of water in your property then an accumulator tank might be the solution you need. They work as a large pressure vessel that has two chambers with one containing an inert gas that is sealed and the other that is open to your water system. It connects to your cold mains and this can help to improve the flow of water to hot and cold taps throughout your home. The tank will store water during periods of low demand and when you run water through taps or your shower, the accumulator tank will boost the flow of water. This eco-friendly solution is available in both pumped and unpumped models and we have products from a variety of manufacturers such as Salamander and Stuart Turner. We have something to suit your budget but you will also benefit from excellent build quality that guarantees reliability while also providing a simple solution that solves your low-pressure problem.
Salamander Accuboost 300 Litre Unpumped Accumulator Tank ACC-300-TNK
(Code: ACC-330-TNK)
Discontinued Product
£ 1,049.99
Salamander Accuboost 300 Litre Pumped Accumulator Set ACC-300-SYS
(Code: ACC-300-SYS)
Discontinued Product
£ 1,694.99
Great Water Provess 440 Vertical Accumulator SB440VT1
(Code: SB440VT1)
£ 1,024.99