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Adey MagnaClean Professional3 Sense FL1-03-03434

(Code: FL1-03-03434)
Adey MagnaClean Professional3 Sense FL1-03-03434
£ 164.95
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  1. Description of Adey MagnaClean Professional3 Sense FL1-03-03434:

    The revolutionary solution to monitor the health of central heating systems, reducing costly and time-consuming on-site visits. MagnaClean Professional3 Sense, the only Wi-Fi enabled connected magnetic filter. Adey's unique Sense® technology not only provides high performance heating system protection, it also predicts potential system problems for connected preventative maintenance.

    This innovative Adey Wi-Fi filter provides an effective tool to establish a proactive relationship with customers and encourages the homeowner to return to the same installer. For the homeowner, the Adey Pro3 Sense can save up to 7% on annual heating bills, based on a typical 3 bedroom property, based on independent research.
  2. Features of Adey MagnaClean Professional3 Sense FL1-03-03434:

    ✔ Monitor the level of magnetite in your homeowner’s heating system
    ✔ Book a planned appointment to investigate before it causes damage to the system
    ✔ Give your customers peace of mind that you are monitoring their system
    ✔ Have the tools to introduce a monitoring and service plan
    ✔ Hallmark qualities of the MagnaClean Professional2 filter
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