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Aqualisa Bar Mixer Shower Midas 220 MD220S

(Code: MD220S)
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Aqualisa Bar mixer shower Midas 220 MD220S. Single or dual shower head configurations available
Midas 220 Bar mixer shower is suitable for all water systems.
£ 273.94
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  1. Description of Aqualisa Bar mixer shower Midas 220 MD220S:

    This product is the Aqualisa Bar mixer shower Midas 220 MD220S. MD220S shower head for our bar mixer shower Midas™ 220:3 sprays patterns: Inner, Outer, Combined. The product comes with:

    - Adjustable shower head Midas™ 220 diameter: 105mm
    - Length of the shower rail assembly for the adjustable head only: 700mm
    - Length of the shower rail for the fixed shower head drencher combined with the adjustable head: 1140mm
    - Width from the wall (bar valve): 85mm max
    - Bar valve size: 275 mm x 75 mm
    - Drencher: width from the wall, including arm: 540 mm, shower head diameter: 250mm

  2. Features of Aqualisa Bar mixer shower Midas 220 MD220S:

    ✔ Brass valve with slimline, space saving design
    ✔ Temperature override button for family-safe showering
    ✔ Integrated diverter for easy switching between outlets
    ✔ Smooth chrome hose and quality metal construction, Cool Touch
    ✔ Bar mixer shower
  4. To find out more details about the product. Have a look at the following product spreadsheet.

Customer reviews
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Have bought Aqualisa before. It looks good but haven’t had it fitted yet.
Joan M.