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Bristan BLISS 3 Electric Shower 10.5kW Black BL3105 B

(Code: DD52180)
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This is the Bristan Bliss 3 10.5KW black. The Bristan Bliss 3 range contains compact electric showers with long lasting and suitable for all installations. Designed to fit most existing installations - so if your current electric shower is from a UK brand your new Bristan electric shower should match the water and electric inlets, as well as cover any existing fixing holes. This shower is available in 8.5KW, 9.5KW and 10.5KW and you can choose in white or black colour.

£ 163.50
£ 139.25
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  1. Description of the Bristan BLISS 3 Electric Shower 10.5kW Black BL3105 B

    This item is the Bristan electric shower 10.5KW in black colour. The range is Bliss and comes frome Bristan manufacturer. The shower has been designed to fit most existing installations.

    This shower is available in 8.5KW, 9.5KW and 10.5KW and two different colours: white or black.
  2. ✔ Digital display indicator
    ✔ Warm-up mode with a light flashing until the water is warmed up to the desired temperature
    ✔ Suitable for mains cold feed only with pressures of min 0.7 bar, max 10.0 bar.
    ✔ Push fit inlet connection: 15 mm
    ✔ 5 directional options for both water and electricity supply
    ✔ Dimensions: 30.5 cm (Height), 19.5 cm (Width)
    ✔ Temperature stabilising device to compensates for changes in the water pressure
    ✔ Phased shut down feature ensures all hot water is flushed out of the shower after use to reduce lime scale
    ✔ Push fit swivel inlet elbow pipe connection, enabling plumbing from 5 different directions
    ✔ This shower is supplied with an adjustable riser kit and 3 modes rub-clean handset
    ✔ The riser has a built in soap tray and integral hose retainer
    ✔ Incorporates a temperature control device (TCD) that activates when the temperature is too high or too low
    ✔ 2 years warranty
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Customer reviews
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I love the features of this shower, 3 settings and digital display work perfectly for our household.
Lynne H.
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Great shower, good power and great shower head size. Easy to fit and very stylish. Just the job for an over the bath shower.
John F.
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Excellent price and free delivery. Will be using again for other projects.
David C.
Shopping Satisfaction
100% satisfaction

Could not be happier.
Stuart m.