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Calmag CalDensate Acidic Neutraliser AN-CALDENSATE

(Code: 2292311)
Calmag CalDensate Acidic Neutraliser AN-CALDENSATE. Acidic neutraliser
£ 29.47
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  1. Description of Calmag CalDensate Acidic Neutraliser AN-CALDENSATE:

    This product is the Calmag CalDensate Acidic Neutraliser AN-CALDENSATE.

    CalDensate is designed to treat the acidic waste produced by all condensing boilers. The tough, non-corrosive, in-line unit is quick and easy to fit. There is no need to dig a condensate trap. CalDensate is versatile – it can be fitted with all makes of condensing boiler – even those that are situated above the ground floor level.
    The acidic waste from condensing boilers (condensate) damages the environment. Dealing responsibly with condensate is easy with CalDensate. The benefits that CalDensate offer are:
    ✔ Robust in-line unit
    ✔ Complete with push-fit fittings for use with acidic water
    ✔ Acid compatible – will not corrode
    ✔ Unique cartridge refill
    ✔ Suitable for installation with all combination boilers
    ✔ No need to dig condensate traps
    ✔ Perfect for boiler installations above ground level
    ✔ Reusable unit and replaceable refill — less acidic and less landfill waste

  2. Features of Calmag CalDensate Acidic Neutraliser AN-CALDENSATE:

    ✔ Acidic neutraliser
    ✔ For all boilers
    ✔ 22mm nominal overflow size
    ✔ 12 month cartridge
    ✔ British Standard listed
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