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Calmag Electromag Water Conditioner 15mm SI-ELECTROMAG

Calmag Electromag Water Conditioner 15mm SI-ELECTROMAG. 15mm and 22mm compression electromagnetic unit
£ 591.51
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  1. Description of Calmag Electromag Water Conditioner 15mm SI-ELECTROMAG:

    This product is the Calmag Electromag Water Conditioner 15mm SI-ELECTROMAG. As little as 1.6mm of scale build-up reduces boiler efficiency by as much as 11%; increasing energy costs and exposing costly appliances to scale damage. Calmag Water Conditioners offer a low cost solution to limescale prevention when water softening is not required.

    The Electromag water conditioner provides industry with a cost effective solution for treating problems with hard scale. Electromagnetic technology effectively reduces existing limescale, preventing new scale build-up, whilst enhancing heat transfer efficiency. Electromag units do not need maintenance.
    The degree of severity of water hardness can vary, depending on where you live and the amount of hard scale minerals present in your water supply. 60% of the UK is in a hard water area which affects businesses alongside domestic properties.

    The benefits from the Electromag water conditioner are:
    ✔ Prevents limescale build-up
    ✔ Reduces existing limescale
    ✔ Improves system efficiency
    ✔ Protects heating appliances
    ✔ Low running costs
    ✔ Suitable for many applications
    ✔ No chemicals
    ✔ No maintenance required

  2. Features of Calmag Electromag Water Conditioner 15mm SI-ELECTROMAG:

    ✔ Electromagnetic
    ✔ Powered
    ✔ Compression
    ✔ 22mm and 15mm
    ✔ WRAS approved
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