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Central Heating Packs


If you are looking to save money and keep your boiler working efficiently then we offer central heating packs that give you everything you need. These packs consist of products such as heating filters, inhibitors, cleaners and chemicals, giving you all you need to keep your central heating working effectively.


These products all provide a solution to a range of common problems but by maintaining your boiler correctly, you can ensure that it operates safely and correctly. You can prevent long-term and costly issues by investing in our central heating packs where you will find products from the likes of Adey and Calmag. These manufacturers are trusted and have an excellent reputation when it comes to delivering impressive results. So, if you are looking to give your boiler a once-over and ensure that it lasts for many more years, our central heating packs are all you will need. They are easy to use, work instantly and will ensure that you reduce the risk of problems in the future.