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Cistermiser Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Basin Tap Chrome Deck-mounted VSMT

(Code: VSMT)
Deck-mounted mixer basin tap, with infrared sensor for hygienic handsfree, non-touch operation, mains or battery powered internal valve and 3.5 or 5.0 litre per minute flow rate options
£ 299.99
£ 169.95
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  1. Description of Cistermiser Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Basin Tap Chrome Deck-mounted VSMT:

    The Vecta+ Sensor Tap range are easy to install, as retrofit or new build installations. They help to improve hygiene and prevent the transfer of pathogens with no-touch controls. With an infrared tap, the water only runs while your hands are in range, so these taps reduce wasted water, increase efficiency, save energy and reduce costs, while maintaining reliability and high performance.

    Made to high standards, with options for mains or battery power, out of the box as standard. Our range of infrared sensor taps have a stylish and modern design, with highly intelligent electronics, that offer a safeguard to misuse and vandalism. They provide the optimum in hygiene for the modern-day commercial washroom and comes fitted with 3.5lpm flow regulator as standard with a 5lpm flow regulator in the box, to support environmental building schemes such as BREEAM.
  2. Features of Cistermiser Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Basin Tap VSMT:

    ✔ Non touch – Intuitive and easy to use. These non touch solutions are more hygienic and reduce the likelihood of spreading and receiving pathogens
    ✔ Water & energy saving - the water only runs when your hands are in range, so less water to heat. Water saving and energy efficient means less cost
    ✔ Easy to install and maintain – chrome finished, easy to retrofit and swap out existing manual taps.
    ✔ Mains and battery power options out of the box
    ✔ Safety shutoff - after 60 seconds of continuous water activation via sensor detection, the tap will automatically stop the flow of water to reduce the risk of flooding
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