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Concealed Shower Valves

Discover top-quality concealed shower valves at Plumb2U, offering sleek design and superior functionality. Our range includes leading brands like Aqualisa, Bristan, and Villeroy & Boch, ensuring your shower setup is both stylish and reliable. Perfect for any bathroom, our valves blend seamlessly into any decor thanks to their hidden installation, including options like concealed thermostatic shower valves which offer precise water temperature control. Explore our range now. 

Discover the Best Concealed Shower Valves at Plumb2U

At Plumb2U, we specialise in providing a comprehensive selection of concealed shower valves that cater to the needs of every homeowner. Our carefully curated collection features manual and thermostatic valves from trusted brands, available in various finishes including chrome, matte black, and white.  
Whether you're upgrading your bathroom or undertaking a new project, our shower valves offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a luxurious shower experience every time. 

Why Choose Our Concealed Shower Valves?

  • Expert Selection: Each valve is chosen for its reliability, durability, and style, ensuring you receive a product that not only looks great but lasts.
  • Variety of Styles: From sleek chrome to modern matte black, find the perfect match for your bathroom.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer premium products at competitive prices, ensuring you don't have to compromise on quality or style. 
    Exceptional Customer Service: At Plumb2U, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, offering expert advice and support to help you find the perfect match for your needs. 
Here is our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Concealed Shower Valves:
1. What are concealed shower valves?
Concealed shower valves are designed to be installed behind the bathroom wall, leaving only the shower control levers and control plate visible. This setup offers a sleek, minimalist look, maximising space and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.
2. What is the difference between a manual and a thermostatic shower valve?
Concealed shower valves are versatile and can be used with a wide range of shower types, including fixed shower heads, hand showers, and body jets. Ensure you choose a valve with the correct number of controls to operate your desired shower setup. 
3. What maintenance is required for concealed shower valves?
Concealed shower valves require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth to prevent limescale build-up and a periodic check for leaks or drips will keep your valve in top condition. For any internal issues, professional assistance is recommended due to the concealed nature of the installation.
4. How do I know if a concealed shower valve is suitable for my home's water system?
Check the valve's specifications for its minimum and maximum operating pressure to ensure compatibility with your home's water system. If unsure, contact a professional plumber to determine the best fit for your system's pressure level.
5. Can I replace an existing exposed valve with a concealed one?
Yes, you can upgrade from an exposed shower valve to a concealed shower valve for a more streamlined look. This process involves plumbing work to recess the valve into the wall, so professional installation is recommended to ensure a seamless transition.